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Register of Nurses

Thanks to the wonderful work of the State Records volunteers the Index to Registers of Nurses 1926-54 is now available online. It is an ongoing project with c.5000 entries currently available to search. This index covers General, Mid-wives, Infants' and Psychiatric Nurses from 1926 to 1954 and records name, hospital trained at, certificate number, date of registration, records number, and remarks.

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Nearby Attractions in Parramatta

The Parramatta Heritage & Visitor Centre -  provides a great introduction to Parramatta. The Centre provides tourist information, art, craft and history exhibitions and the Local Studies and Family History Library.

Historic Buildings and Sites  

Parramatta has many buildings and sites of historic significance. Click on the name of the building or site to link to the relevant web sites.

  1.   Elizabeth Farm Cottage

  2.   Experiment Farm Cottage

  3.   Hambledon Cottage

  4.   Lancer Barracks

  5.   Lennox Bridge

  6.   St John’s Cathedral & Cemetery

  7.   Old Government House

  8.   Parramatta Park

Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs

A large number of eateries are to be found in local streets as well as service clubs.

  1. Parramatta RSL Club

  2. Parramatta Leagues Club