Events at Brislington

Medical & Nursing Museum


Dr Macarthur-Brown’s Visit – a descendant of the Brown family was eager to revive memories of her family residing at Brislington.

Australia Day 2012 – volunteers dressed for the occasion as many passers by dropped in for a tour.

Visitors - Cumberland View Club  

“It was certainly a great day and we all enjoyed it and the hospitality of the guides. Thank you so much”.

30th Anniversary  of the Museum (July 2012) – a large gathering of medical and government dignitaries, former nursing and medical staff and volunteers celebrated the museum’s continuing success.

Some of our Visitors’ Comments.

“A lovely space, and informative”  G.G Parramatta, NSW

“Excellent tour , very interesting” K.G. Beacon. NSW

“Wonderful presentation. Thanks.” P.G. Sacramento, California, USA.

“ Great - lots of memories.” J.J.  Sydney,NSW.

“ Wow this is terrific - a great journey down the years.” M.B. West Ryde, NSW

“Don’t lose it -very valuable piece of history.” D.K. Seven Hills. NSW

Brislington Volunteers

Christmas Lunch 2013

The Performing Nurse

May 2015

Part of the Parramatta Anywhere Festival